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Our goal at Calix Ceramic Solutions is to help you efficiently navigate the world of advanced ceramics. Calix is a resource that can allow engineering and technology-based companies to access the performance enhancing benefits and competitive advantage that advanced ceramic supplies can provide. Advanced ceramics can enhance the performance of your product or application by providing technical benefits such as corrosion resistance, wear & abrasion resistance, high-temperature performance, high strength and unique electrical properties.


As a Ceramic Supplier, Calix Offers:

  • Full advanced ceramic material portfolio
  • Thermal ceramics services
  • Ceramic characterization & failure analysis
  • Ceramic application and design for advanced ceramic manufacturing support
  • Ceramic to metal integration and assembly services
  • Easy company to work with and willingness to work with your company in a non-traditional manner:
    • Advanced Ceramic Technical Services
    • Ceramic Toll Processing
    • Ceramic Coatings and Sputtered Materials
    • Ceramic Processing and Product Consulting
    • Ceramic Technology related products; powders, wheels, machines
    • Engineered ceramics for corrosion, abrasion & wear resistance