Ceramic Kiln Furniture

Ceramic kiln furniture are heat-resistant structures used inside a kiln for supporting ceramic wares during the firing process.  Calix Ceramic Solutions offers several grades of Silicon Carbide materials for your demanding high-temperature kiln & furnace systems.  

Kiln temperatures below 1500°C
Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide
Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide 

Kiln temperatures above 1500°C
Sintered Silicon Carbide

Calix Ceramics will work to provide you an engineered SiC material solution in order to provide improved long-term performance in your extreme and demanding process conditions.

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Ceramic Kiln Furniture - Calix Ceramics
Corrosion Resistance Ceramics Thermocouple Protection Tubes

types of kiln furniture

cross beams

Horizontal beams that provide structural support within the kiln, maintain the integrity of the kiln structure and distribute the weight of the kiln load.


Spherical or cylindrical components that facilitate the movement or kiln cars or shelves, allow ease of loading and unloading ceramics during the firing process.

burner nozzles

Deliver fuel and air mixture into the kiln for combustion for optimized heat distribution and energy efficiency.

cooling air pipes

Circulate cool air in the kiln to reduce the temperature when needed, prevent thermal shock by facilitating cooling and annealing of the ceramics.


Flat, rigid plates that provide a smooth, even surface for stacking ceramics.

spray nozzles

Provide an even and controlled application of glazes or coatings during the manufacturing or decorating processes.

radiation tubes

Also called indirect heating systems, efficiently transfer heat from the combustion chamber to the kiln chamber.


Refractory containers or trays used to hold fragile or delicate ceramics to prevent damage or deformation during the firing process.


Vessels used for melting or heating substances at high temperatures. Used in industrial processes or lab settings for controlled heating.

atmosphere furnace tubes

Create and maintain specific inert, reducing, or oxidizing atmospheric conditions within a kiln.

thermocouple protection tubes

Thermocouples are temperature sensors, and the protection tubes shield them during the firing process so they can provide accurate temperature readings.

kiln furniture functions

    Kiln furniture distributes the weight of the wares being fired, which ensures proper firing and prevents deformation.
    Efficient heat circulation is crucial in a kiln, and the spacing between wares that kiln furniture provides reduces the risk of hot spots.
    Kiln furniture prevents wares from sticking to the kiln shelves or walls and minimizes contamination.
    A larger quantity of pieces can be fired at once with multiple layers of shelves, posts, or props, which are designed to maximize space and be stackable.
    Kiln furniture helps prevent the warping or sagging of wares by helping them maintain their intended shape and dimensions by offering stable support.

kiln furniture
Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting with an expert from Calix Ceramic Solutions can help you assess kiln variables such as size, firing temperature, and configuration in order to determine which size and shape of kiln furniture would be most appropriate for your firing process.

Handling kiln furniture with care during loading and unloading, regular inspection and maintenance, and using proper batts to distribute weight and prevent damage prolonging kiln furniture lifespan. Kiln furniture can be reused, so careful inspection of the structure is essential.

Kiln furniture is made with sintered silicon carbidenitride bonded silicon carbide, reaction bonded silicon nitride materials that are corrosion resistant, wear-resistant, retain nearly full strength in high temperatures, and are thermally conductive and resist thermal shock. 

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