Boron Carbide Ceramic


Boron carbide composite is a composite of boron carbide and silicon carbide which leads to an increase in strength and hardness as compared to other composite materials.

Excellent Abrasion & Wear Resistance

The high hardness and fine grain size of the boron carbide composite makes the material ideal for components subjected to severe abrasion and wear.

Boron Carbide Nozzle - Calix Ceramics
Boron Carbide Nozzle

Boron Carbide Properties

All properties are at room temperature (20°C) unless otherwise stated.

Physical Property Units Typical Value
Density g/cc 2.80
Hardness (Vickers, HVO.5, 10) 2650
Transverse Strength MPa 160
Grain Size μm 20
Fracture Toughness MPa-m1/2 4.1
Specific Heat J / g K 0.46
Modulus of Elasticity GPa 402
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 40.2
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1 x 10-6 in/in °C 3.1

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