advanced ceramics for Energy applications


Renewable energy generation processes are often more expensive than traditional fossil fuel processes. There is typically a need to improve energy generation efficiencies and total cost basis; the use of advanced ceramics for energy applications, materials with very high operating temperature capability and long service life in severe operating environments, can significantly further the attainment of both of these goals.

Chemical processing applications often feature the same high-temperature needs as energy related processes, but often with the addition of significant corrosion and erosion challenges.

Our CALSIC S Sintered Silicon Carbide (SiC) is an outstanding material to consider for energy and chemical process related applications offering a unique combination of properties and associated benefits:

  • High service temperature (1900°C) process efficiencies often rise greatly at higher temperatures
  • High-temperature strength (virtually no strength degradation up to 1800°C)
  • High thermal conductivity (130 Watts)
  • Nearly universal corrosion resistance (allowing use in a wide range of harsh environments)

Please contact us and allow our engineers at Calix Ceramic Solutions the opportunity to assist you with the selection, design and supply of the optimum advanced ceramic material to help improve the efficiency, performance and cost basis of your equipment and system.


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